Wave TV

Selected Segments

Each Snapchat episode was actually a series of 10-second looping videos, custom-built in After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Below were some of my favorite segments to design.

Cop or Drop?

Wealthiest Bench

Rap Score
(Top 5)

Google Search History

Fake or Fact

Build Your Team

Channel Strategies

Embrace the platform: Tell viral stories that develop sequentially. Incorporate new media content, like Tweets, memes, live video, and text messages.

Build reusable templates: Design each segment with the goal of modularity, but never prioritize efficiency over content.

Engage with audience: Include polls to learn about viewer interests and study analytics to understand their behavior.

A Designer's Guide to Snapchat

A Designer's Guide to Snapchat

After designing more than 70 Snapchat episodes, I wrote a blog post to reflect on what I'd learned.