Connor J Rudmann

Hi, I'm

I'm a designer, animator, and digital filmmaker.

LAST Magazine

LAST Magazine

Video Interviews

LAST Magazine is a digital publication exploring the intersection of Art, Science, and Technology in the Bay Area.

To complement its written edition, I filmed and edited a series of interviews with local artists, academics, and entrepreneurs.

Snapchat Discover Channel

Wave TV

Snapchat Discover Channel

Snapchat Discover is an interactive magazine that combines journalism, vertical video, and motion graphics into short-form linear narratives.

I designed and produced Wave TV's flagship channel, which reached 700,000 subscribers within five months of its debut.


Explainer Video

I edited and designed this square-format video for Greatest Highlights, a viral media publisher on Facebook.

The College Board Animation

The College Board

YouTube Promo Series

The College Board's partnership with Khan Academy was a big step toward equal-access test prep. Students who couldn't afford expensive SAT tutors or after-school classes could now practice for the SAT using the world's best e-learning platform, and they could do it for free.

My job was to tell these students' stories through a series of promotional videos.

People of the Open Sea

People of the Open Sea

Documentary / Web Identity

The 150 inhabitants of Faraulep Atoll have a choice to make: leave their ancestral home of 2700 years, or confront the Pacific Ocean's rising sea levels.



Palo Alto, CA