Wave TV is an emerging sports media company based in Santa Monica. I designed and produced their flagship Snapchat Discover channel, which reached 700,000 subscribers within five months of its debut.

Each Snapchat episode was actually a series of 10-second looping videos, custom-built in After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Channel Strategies

Embrace the platform: Tell viral stories that develop sequentially. Incorporate new media content, like Tweets, memes, live video, and text messages.

Build reusable templates: Design each segment with the goal of modularity, but never prioritize efficiency over content.

Engage with audience: Include polls to learn about viewer interests and study analytics to understand their behavior.

A Designer's Guide to Snapchat

A Designer's Guide to Snapchat

After designing more than 70 Snapchat episodes, I wrote a blog post to reflect on what I'd learned.

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